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If you are going through a divorce, I know that you’re scared. It’s a traumatic time in anyone’s life, and there is an added fear of all of the changes and alterations divorce brings to your life. You may be worried about losing so much of what you worked so hard for.

When you sign up for the free email list above, you will also automatically get my complete divorce checklist absolutely FREE. This is a great tool for getting started. It helps make sure you have collected all the information you need ahead of time. As a subscriber to video series, you will get privileged information on ways you can take control of the situation, and come out of your divorce settlement strong. Whether you’ve been down this road before, or are staring down the path for the first time, you know that divorce can be messy, and very expensive. It is also one of the most stressful of all of life’s circumstances. Without the right tools at your disposal, divorce is confusing and complicated. I will lead you through the process step-by-step, and show you some of the most common mistakes made everyday in divorce proceedings. Just a few of the things you will discover in my divorce series are:

•You can SAVE money in a divorce, YES! I said SAVE MONEY!

•There are ways to structure your agreements so that you SAVE taxes and create opportunities for your FAMILY to have more disposable money

•What and how you can negotiate successfully. (Who gets what, who lives where, who lives with who?)

How divorce can be easy and less complicated?

These are things people aren’t used to hearing about divorce, but that’s just because they don’t know how to navigate the process. I will explain all of that and so much more. With your email and video series you will also get my divorce budget worksheet. With this worksheet you can get a clear picture of all of your assets, and determine your post divorce needs. Along with the divorce checklist and budget worksheet, I’ll send you a 10-step list that will ensure you are financially protected in your divorce. Don’t walk blindly into a divorce proceeding. This information can save you from losing all of what you have worked so hard for, or make sure you are properly provided for after your divorce. My series will also help you prepare if you are considering a divorce, and show you the steps you should take to make sure nothing gets lost, hidden or stolen before you file. I will show you how to protect your valuable assets prior to the divorce proceedings so your partner can’t spend or squander them before they are split.

Divorce can be a real battleground, but you don’t have to come out of it shell shocked. The weapon of choice is information. There is a lot to know about how to deal with a divorce to keep from being beaten by it. The problem is courts, and often your own lawyers, do not guide you through the war zone. My divorce email and video series will give you the insight and help you need to navigate your divorce and come through unscathed.

“But I have a lawyer! Shouldn’t he be protecting my rights, and making sure I am not injured in the divorce war?”

Yes, certainly they should. However, lawyers are expensive and often you can’t afford to pay for the hours of instructions. They aren’t going to volunteer the information. There is a lot you can be aware of so that you are certain you are getting everything you should.

Because legal time is so expensive, you will save yourself a lot of money if you know ahead of time what you are entitled to. You will know what information to have on hand so your lawyer doesn’t have to spend extra time explaining everything, sending you home to get more information, or calling you and charging you phone time.

The thing is, even when your lawyer is ready to fight for you, if you aren’t prepared far ahead of time, your spouse may have hidden assets so that you can’t claim them. They may have sold or removed items from your home.
That means no matter how good your lawyer is, and how much money you are willing to spend to have them get you the most out of your divorce proceedings, it won’t happen.
You need to arm yourself with the powerful divorce video series by joining the membership above today. Now is the time to act.